Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Some Youtube-tastic finds

Here are two songs that are very popular in Egypt right now. I had found both of them at the beginning of this year but only recently came across the music videos on youtube. I was excited to see Dina in both of them and shes even sporting some fantastic Sahar Okasha dresses!

Beshwesh Aleya

Mia Mia


  1. Those are some seriously amazing dresses and I covet them both, although I think it's interesting that Dina has started to cover up a LOT more lately. Do you think it's because she's getting older, or some other reason?

  2. I agree with you, it doesn't seem like the other dancers in Cairo are covering up more so its most likely a personal preference. I would love to ask her about it!

    I love how she owns her womanly figure. No matter what shes wearing she looks amazing and exudes confidence. She inspires me so much!

  3. The second song, Dina taught a choreography to when she was here in DC. These are both great songs! That sparkly dress is amazing.