Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Shopping? Yes please.

LINK TIME! Who doesn't love shopping (or at least wasting time drooling over stuff) on the interwebs?!?

Love belly chains? I sure do! This lady sells beautiful belly chains that are custom sized. She also has a ton of other awesome body jewelry. Check out her Ebay store at Beautiful Stuff Jewelry!

I absolutely love the designs from this company. They do a lot of belly dance pants, tops, and skirts along with some pretty cool every day clothes. Its a bit pricey but the quality of the fabric and workmanship is very high. Get ready to covet the designs of Phoenix Rising Artists.

These next two links are for all of the DIY costume lovers. Check out the links and make sure to stop by if you are ever in NYC, you will be in a world of glitter.

Beautiful trims of all shapes and sizes including some of the best rhinestone stuff ever. M&J Trimming 
Every kind of spandex including some really amazing stretchy sequin fabric. Spandex House

And, last but not least, this might not be strictly belly dance related... wait, what am I talking about, belly dancers love over the top shit thats covered in rhinestones! If you want to splurge on some ridiculous jewelry, this is the place. I give you: Tarina Tarantino.

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